Why do people say plum? (2023)

Why is straight called plumb?

The word meaning straight is “plumb” - from the Latin for “lead”(the metal). It came to mean , not “straight” but rather “straight up and down” as “vertical” fro the practice of suspending a piece of lead from a string to determine whether something was exactly vertical or not.

Where did the term plum come from?

"fruit of the genus Prunus," Middle English ploume, from Old English plume "plum, plum tree," from an early Germanic borrowing (Middle Dutch prume, Dutch pruim, Old High German pfluma, pfruma, German Pflaume) from Vulgar Latin *pruna, from Latin prunum "plum," from Greek prounon, a later form of proumnon, a word of ...

Why do we say plum tuckered out?

The actual derivation of this phrase came from a website on phrase origins, which stated: “Tucker” is a colloquial New England word, coined in the early 1800s, meaning “become weary,” and which ultimately derives from the Old English verb “tuck,” meaning to punish or torment.

What does the saying plum crazy mean?

Adjective. plumb crazy (comparative more plumb crazy, superlative most plumb crazy) (informal) Thoroughly crazy; quite mad.

Does plum mean straight?

In construction or carpentry, the term plumb refers to a line or feature that is perfectly vertical. In technical design, it represents an imaginary line that runs straight to the center of the earth. Plumb is the counterpart to level, which means to be perfectly horizontal.

Does plum have a silent B?

That b is silent, making plumb sound identical to the name of the fruit.

What does plumb mean in slang?

Because “plumb” means truly, completely, entirely straight, the slang dictionary says, about 1748 someone was called “plumb silly.” From there came “plumb crazy” (or its twin, “plumb loco”), “plumb tired,” and other such straightforward expressions.

What's the difference between plum and plumb?

Plum: a type of fruit. Plumb: to examine (verb); upright; vertical (adjectives); totally; precisely (adverbs).

What does sugar plum mean in slang?

Term of endearment: sweetheart, darling.

What does it mean to plum for something?

plumped for; plumping for; plumps for. informal. US : to express support for (someone or something) The President plumped for the incumbent candidate in the election. British : to choose (someone or something) after thinking carefully.

When you call someone a sugar plum?

Term of endearment; sweetheart, darling.

What does plum bum mean?

Definition of 'plumbum'

1. a heavy toxic bluish-white metallic element that is highly malleable: occurs principally as galena and used in alloys, accumulators, cable sheaths, paints, and as a radiation shield.

What does plum tired mean?

Informal. entirely; wholly; absolutely. plumb tired out.

What does plumb out mean?

: exactly vertical or true. : thorough, complete. Phrases. out of plumb or off plumb. : out of vertical or true.

What does banana mean in slang?

(bəˈnɑːnəz ) adjective. slang. crazy (esp in the phrase go bananas)

Why do we say bananas for crazy?

An oft-cited alternate explanation is that, when monkeys are presented with a bunch of bananas, they will go crazy in anticipation. Studies indicate that captive primates do like bananas, but not notably more than other fruits; a 1936 study found that the tested monkeys preferred grapes.

What is the slang word for crazy?

cray-cray (slang) crazed. crazy. cuckoo. daft.

What is straight in slang?

Slang. Straight, slang for heterosexual.

Is it plum or plumb crazy?

The chemical symbol for lead is Pb, from the Latin word “plumbum” which refers to a malleable metal.

What does straight mean for a guy?

People who're attracted to a different gender (for example, women who are attracted to men or men who are attracted to women) often call themselves straight or heterosexual. People who're attracted to people of the same gender often call themselves gay or homosexual. Gay women may prefer the term lesbian.

Is Plum derogatory?

(derogatory, chiefly UK) A fool, an idiot.

What is a silent P word?

A silent “p” can be found at the beginning of words, in the middle, or towards the end. Examples of words with a silent “p” include p sychology, ras p berry, and recei p t.

Is the F silent in fifth?

F. While some people do in fact pronounce the second f in fifth, the first pronunciation given in our dictionary is the one that omits it. Overall, however, f is to be commended for its performance generally. We'd give it an A, if we were on speaking terms with that letter.

Does plumb mean fat?

You can describe someone or something as plump to indicate that they are rather fat or rounded.

What does true plumb mean?

In construction, “true” is about everything being lined up correctly. Your lines should be perfectly vertical (plumb) and horizontal (level), and your corners should be exactly 90 degrees (square). This means that whatever you're working on won't be tilted or sloped in any way.

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