What is the most cuss words in a movie? (2023)

What movie has a lot of cussing?

The Wolf of Wall Street (Martin Scorsese, 2013) – 715. Uncut Gems (Josh and Benny Safide, 2019) – 646. Casino (Martin Scorsese, 1995) – 606. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (Kevin Smith, 2001) – 509.

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What was the first F-word in a movie?

Then in 1970, Robert Altman's comedy M*A*S*H became the first major studio film to use the f-word, a passing comment during a football scene.

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How many F words are in an R rated movie?

According to the MPAA's website: “A motion picture's single use of one of the harsher sexually-derived words initially requires at least a PG-13 rating. More than one such expletive requires an R rating.”

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Can PG-13 movies say the F-word once?

One of the group's rules, for instance, says the F-bomb can be used as an expletive just once in a film rated PG-13, which means suitable for people 13 and older.

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How old is the word f?

The F-word was recorded in a dictionary in 1598 (John Florio's A Worlde of Wordes, London: Arnold Hatfield for Edw. Blount). It is remotely derived from the Latin futuere and Old German ficken/fucken meaning 'to strike or penetrate', which had the slang meaning to copulate.

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What age rating is the F-word?

This is an incomplete list of media which are exceptions to guidelines at different age ratings (such as one F-word in a film rated PG-13 by the MPA).

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Which actor has used the F-word the most?

The news was revealed to him during an appearance at The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. When host Jimmy Fallon told Jackson that Hill is first on the list, The Banker star replied: “That's some bulls***.” Hill has used a total of 376 curse words in film history, followed by Leonardo DiCaprio who has cursed 361 times.

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Does venom say the F-word?

The F-word is dropped once in the movie, very briefly. This is one of the few Marvel movies that have the f-bomb in it and remain PG-13. There is one use of "turd" at the end of the film.

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What movie has the most f?

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) - 569 f-words

It's a film about excess, from its content to its extended runtime to its 500+ f-words, and Scorsese fans wouldn't want it any other way.

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How many cuss words are allowed in PG-13?

PG-13 movies are allowed one F-bomb -- so what are the BEST uses of the lone F-bomb in PG-13 movies? We compiled the best of the best and put them here for you to enjoy. Here are 10 moments in PG-13 movies that use their one granted F-word to maximum effect.

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Can PG movies say the B word?

Language. Snippets of language that go "beyond polite conversation" are permitted in G-rated films, but no stronger words are present. Profanity may be present in PG rated films, and use of one of the harsher "sexually-derived words" as an expletive will initially incur at least a PG-13 rating.

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Can a 5 year old take PG-13?

Parents are urged to be cautious. Some material may be inappropriate for pre-teenagers. While The Motion Picture Association of America recommends that children under 13 do not see PG-13 movies, there is no magical age.

What is the most cuss words in a movie? (2023)
How many times can you swear in a movie?

MPAA. One of the things the MPAA is most well-known for is an urban legend about the number of uses of 'f*ck' allowed in a PG-13 film; the MPAA has never gone on record saying there is an official limit, though there does appear to be a limit at one or two for the majority of films.

What is the D word?

d-word (plural d-words) (euphemistic) The word damn.

What is the e word?

e-word (plural e-words) Any word beginning with e, especially one referring to something electronic, or one that is (often humorously) treated as controversial in a given context (for example, evolution, evangelical or enlightenment). quotations ▼

What's the H word?

Noun. h-word (plural h-words) (euphemistic) The word hell/Hell.

What age kids swear?

Other research has found that children start swearing around age two and that it becomes more adult-like by ages 11 or 12, authors at the Association for Psychological Science noted in 2012. “By the time children enter school, they have a working vocabulary of 30 to 40 offensive words,” the report continued.

Can 7 year olds swear?

Children aged 5-11 years might swear to express emotions, get a reaction, or fit in socially. It's good to talk with children about swearing. They can understand that some words hurt or offend others. You can help children find other ways to express emotions.

What is the F word for kids?

What are F words for kids? The F words for kids are face, farm, fast, far, fin, fix, flip, fold, fox, frog, fold, fur, fry, fad, etc. These are some of the F words for kids which they can learn and remember for better communication.

Who swears the most in the world?

Coming out on top as the most likely to use explicit language online is France. The French have 7.59% - or seven in every 100 people - using curse words online per year. A close second was Poland, with 7.31%. Further down the rankings are Australia, New Zealand and Spain.

Who swore the most in movies?

The 10 actors who have sworn most in cinema history:
  • Samuel L Jackson – 301.
  • Adam Sandler – 295.
  • Al Pacino – 255.
  • Denzel Washington – 183.
  • Billy Bob Thornton – 145.
  • Seth Rogen – 143.
  • Bradley Cooper – 142.
  • Danny McBride – 136.
Mar 16, 2022

What song has the most profanity?

Record. The song once held a Guinness record for "Most swear words in a song" with 295 expletives. Psychostick currently now holds the record with their song N.S.F.W. with over 500 expletives.

What movie has the most movie sins?

The final count of 1,759 sins makes The Godfather the most decorated film in CinemaSins' history, narrowly beating out the previous record shared by Citizen Kane and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.

What show has the most swearing?

On average, the most profanities per episode can be found in US crime drama series, The Wire, with an average of 102 swears per episode. The Sopranos, following the exploits of warring mafia families, is high on both lists alongside slum comedy Shameless and Orange is the new Black.

What is the least liked movie?

  • 1 1930s. 1.1 Maniac (1934) ...
  • 2 1940s. 2.1 The Babe Ruth Story (1948) ...
  • 3 1950s. 3.1 Glen or Glenda (1953) ...
  • 4 1960s. 4.1 The Creeping Terror (1964) ...
  • 5 1970s. 5.1 Myra Breckinridge (1970) ...
  • 6 1980s. 6.1 Heaven's Gate (theatrical version, 1980) ...
  • 7 1990s. 7.1 Troll 2 (1990) ...
  • 8 2000s. 8.1 Battlefield Earth (2000)

What is the lowest movie sin count?

What is the lowest recorded sin count in a CinemaSins video? Zero. The “Everything Wrong With Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer” video was up to roughly 50 sins before the appear acne of Han Soli and Chewbaca at the very end of the trailer, at which point all sins were deducted.

What is a sin movie?

Sin: The Movie is a Japanese cyberpunk action horror film original video animation released in 2000 by ADV Films, adapted from the game of the same title.

What age rating is the F word?

This is an incomplete list of media which are exceptions to guidelines at different age ratings (such as one F-word in a film rated PG-13 by the MPA).

What movies are rated F?

Be sure not to miss this selection of female-forward and focused movies.
  • 'Lady Bird' (2017) Image via A24. ...
  • 'Hustlers' (2019) ...
  • 'Promising Young Woman' (2020) ...
  • 'Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn' (2020) ...
  • 'Nomadland' (2020) ...
  • 'Eternals' (2021) ...
  • 'The Lost Daughter' (2021) ...
  • 'Master' (2022)
Mar 25, 2022

Who says the F-word most?

It's Joe Pesci, who's said the F-word 272 times in his various movies. But check this out: 241 of those were from a single movie: “Casino”. Al Pacino is second, with 197, followed by Jason Mewes of Jay & Silent Bob fame and Jonah Hill with 183 apiece, Leonardo DiCaprio with 144, and Seth Rogen with 140.

What is the oldest swear?

Fart, as it turns out, is one of the oldest rude words we have in the language: Its first record pops up in roughly 1250, meaning that if you were to travel 800 years back in time just to let one rip, everyone would at least be able to agree upon what that should be called.

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