What does plum mean in slang? (2023)

What does plum mean in slang?

(slang, usually in the plural) A testicle. [from 20th c.] (derogatory, chiefly UK) A fool, an idiot.

Why do people say plum?

“Plum” as an adjective means “desirable,” as in “a plum job.” The Dictionary of American Slang says that usage arose around 1825, and may be related to Little Jack Horner and how good and lucky he was to pull “plums” out of pies. By then, the British were already considering something good to be “plummy.”

Does plum mean straight?

In construction or carpentry, the term plumb refers to a line or feature that is perfectly vertical. In technical design, it represents an imaginary line that runs straight to the center of the earth. Plumb is the counterpart to level, which means to be perfectly horizontal.

Why does plum mean straight?

The word meaning straight is “plumb” - from the Latin for “lead”(the metal). It came to mean , not “straight” but rather “straight up and down” as “vertical” fro the practice of suspending a piece of lead from a string to determine whether something was exactly vertical or not. It's a plumb to check the verticality.

What does plumb full mean?

: exactly vertical or true. : thorough, complete. Phrases. out of plumb or off plumb.

What does the word mean in slang?

Word can mean okay or just to communicate that you heard them. “I'll be there in 5 minutes.” “Word.” “I'm going to the store, I'll be back later.” “Word.”

What does plum Crazy mean?

Adjective. plumb crazy (comparative more plumb crazy, superlative most plumb crazy) (informal) Thoroughly crazy; quite mad.

What does it mean to plum for something?

plumped for; plumping for; plumps for. informal. US : to express support for (someone or something) The President plumped for the incumbent candidate in the election. British : to choose (someone or something) after thinking carefully.

Is it plum or plumb crazy?

The chemical symbol for lead is Pb, from the Latin word “plumbum” which refers to a malleable metal.

How can you tell if something is plum?

Something that is “plumb” runs perpendicular to the horizon—meaning that when it intersects the horizon, it makes a right (90 degree) angle. You can measure if something is plumb by using a plumb bob or a spirit or laser level.

What is plum in a sentence?

Examples of plum in a Sentence

a bowl of peaches and plums Dried plums are also called “prunes.” That deal is a real plum for the contractor.

What does sugar plum mean in slang?

Term of endearment: sweetheart, darling.

What does plumb out mean?

The word means 'completely' or 'thoroughly' or 'totally'. “I'm plum/b tuckered out” = “I'm utterly exhausted”.

How do you use the word plumb?

To plumb a body of water, you measure its depth. To plumb a house, you connect all of its pipes. To make carpentry plumb, you get it exactly vertical.

What does plum mean in the South?

Plumb. I've never known the origins of this, but plumb means totally, absolutely. She was “plumb” tired out, or plumb tuckered out. Highfalutin'. A pejorative term in the South.

What is a 2 man slang?

: managed or controlled by only two individuals.

What is slang for kids?

moppet (colloquial) munchkin (informal) nipper (slang) slip. small fry (informal)

What does woke mean in slang?

Within the decade of the 2010s, the word woke (the colloquial, passively voiced past participle of wake) obtained the meaning 'politically and socially aware' among BLM activists.

What is straight in slang?

Slang. Straight, slang for heterosexual.

Why is vertical called plumb?

A vertical framing piece, such as a post or stud, is "plumb" when it's perfectly straight, and when a horizontal member has no tilt, it is "level." The tools that carpenters and homeowners use to determine plumb and level all rely in some way on gravity.

What does plum and plumb mean?

Plum: a type of fruit. Plumb: to examine (verb); upright; vertical (adjectives); totally; precisely (adverbs).

What is the true meaning of straight?

straight adjective, adverb (NOT CURVING)

A2. continuing in one direction without bending or curving: a straight line.

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